jueves, noviembre 06, 2008

Lo 11 consejos de John Doerr para superar esta crisis

¿Y quien es John Doerr? Es el venture capitalist (VC) que aposto por algunas de las mas grandes empresas de tecnologia como ser: Compaq, Netscape, Symantec, Sun, Amazon.com… nombre google?
Aqui van sus 11 recomendaciones para los start-ups puedan sobrevivir esta crisis, pero es extensible a todos.


1. Act now

2. Cut once, cut deeper than you need. You only want to do this once - use a scalpel, not an axe

3. Have or secure 18 months of cash

4. Defer facilities expansion and expenses on technology infrastructure

5. Evaluate R&D priorities and focus on what truly is necessary and important

6. Renegotiate all contacts - you’d be surprised that everything, right now, is negotiable

7. Everybody in the company ought to be selling

8. Pay people in equity in addition to reduced cash

9. Secure cash - treasuries. security backed agency loans

10. Figure out the leading indicators of your business dynamics so you can react quickly

11. Over communicate without sugarcoating


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